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Free Your Phone - Putting Your Apps In The Proper Place + All Of Your SD M

Anna from San Antonio, TX writes:
I am running Windows 7 and cannot figure out how to change to single click. My mouse will appreciate it, as well as myself.
Hello Anna, and thanks for the great question. You and your mouse will be glad to know that it is very simple to change to single click.
Click the Start button in the lower left corner and then click Control Panel. The Control Panel window opens on your screen.
Click the View By Category option in the upper right corner and select Small Icons. Click Folder Options from the list of icons displayed on your screen.
Select Single-click to open an item (point to select) from the Click Items as Follows Section. Click the Apply button to save your changes, and then click OK to close the window.
Click the X in the upper right-hand corner to close the Control Panel window. Your mouse should now be set to single-click.
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~Rita Wood
Corel Home Office Retails for $49.99...

A Typical 8GB Flash Drive Retails at $39.99...

We've Got an 8GB Flash Drive...


The Fully LOADED Hybrid Flash Drive - Just $21.97!

8GB - Fully Functional Slide-Lock Design PACKED With:
 Corel Write! Corel Show!Corel Calculate!

Awesome Programs Function EXACTLY Like MS Office!

Same as Having MS Word, Excel AND Powerpoint!



Massive Storage - USB 2.0 - 480Mbps!

Talk About Saving a BUNDLE!

Let Me Count the Ways...

OK - here's the deal.  We ALL use flash drives, and we ALL know what they do. No point in rehashing something you already understand.  But this isn't just a flash drive...in fact, it's FAR from that.  So what is this thing?
It's a hybrid!  Some person...no, some GENIUS over at Duracell took a powerful 8gb flash drive, preloaded it with 3 awesome programs, added in a fully functional, awesome looking design, and released it on the world...


As a fully functional flash drive, you'll have no problem storing TONS of data on this beast...but as you're already starting to gather, it's MUCH more than just a flash drive.  Read on!

Breaking it Down: What, Exactly, are we Looking at?

An 8gb Flash Drive preloaded with The COMPLETE Corel Office Software! 

- Corel Write (just like MS Word)
- Corel Calculate (just like MS Excel)
- Corel Show (just like MS PowerPoint)

Before we break down each of these programs, there's something important that you must understand:


Any document you create using any of the included Corel programs will be viewable by anyone you send it to, regardless of what programs they use!

For Example: let's say you typed up a paper using Corel Write (which functions like MS Word), and you then sent it to someone who didn't have Corel installed, but instead was using MS Office.  They will have ZERO problems opening or viewing your document!  

Same goes for the other two Corel programs...viewable by any person using any software program - because this is the universal file: .doc!

100% AWESOME Software - Just Like MS Office: Compatible With EVERYTHING!

So check this out - we'll break down each software program for you.  As you'll see, these function pretty much exactly like their MS Office counterparts, and they're extremely easy to use.  Without further adieu, let's begin!

It's More Than a Flash Drive: It's a Complete Home Office!

Breaking it Down: Corel Office

#1: Corel Write - Same as MS Word!

Once you've installed the Corel Office programs on your computer (which is extremely easy - just follow a few prompts and click your mouse a few times), you'll think to yourself "well this looks familiar!"  Observe the picture: once you open it up, a blank document appears right in front of you, and this tool bar is right above it - just like your typical MS Word document:

This is the PERFECT program for typing up documents of any kind: whether it's a school paper, business notes, a story - whatever!  It's the last word processing program you'll need!

As you can see, everything you can do in an MS Word document, you can do here as well.  Everything from different fonts and sizes, to spacing and formatting - it's all there and SIMPLE to use!

#2: Corel Show - Same as MS PowerPoint!
Got a presentation coming up?  Maybe you have a slide show that you have to put together for a business presentation.  Maybe you're a student and have to do a slide show presentation for class.  Whatever you need, it CAN be done with ease in Corel Show!

Again, this program offers the exact same things that MS PowerPoint offers.  Have a look at the screen shots - anything you need to do in this program can be done!

Here's a screen shot of the top toolbar - look familiar?

Yep, you can add, create and delete slides, put anything you want in the background, change fonts, start a slide show...it's ALL there! 

Have a look at the side toolbar: again, everything you need is in this one place, functioning with perfection! These tool bars stay with you just like they would with PowerPoint.

In fact, Corel even give you the option to save your slide shows and projects as a Microsoft PowerPoint File or Show. As you can see, you can save as a PDF as well, and send your entire presentation to someone with ease!

Really, this is a simple, useful program to use that comes in handy for everyone - from students to business professionals and everyone in between!

#3: Corel Calculate - Same as MS Excel!
Not a lot needs to be said here - This program is again perfect for pretty much all things in every day life.  It can be used while crunching numbers or organizing items at the office just as well as it can be used for personal listings and organizations at home.
Go Ahead...Create That Spread Sheet!

Functioning and looking just like MS Excel, this program allows you to easily create your spread sheets for work, school or play!  Everything you can do with Excel, you can do with this program!

And yes, of course you can save your Corel Calculate spread sheet as an Excel file, so again, ZERO COMPATIBILITY ISSUES!

Let's Not Forget: This is an 8GB Flash Drive!

AWESOME Slide-Lock Design: Capless!
Hey, we all know how annoying those caps are that come on so many flash drives.  They're easily lost, they're susceptible to dirt, dust, grime, etc.  Nobody wants that! 

Well as you can see, this has a revolutionary sliding design - simply push it up when you're ready to use it, and slide it back down when you're done! It locks into place too, so you never need to worry about it pushing back in when you don't want it to!

It also features a hole at the top for easy carrying capabilities: put it on a lanyard, or clip it to your keychain!

This thing is NO joke!  It's a MASSIVE 8 gigs, it's USB 2.0 and it's data transfer rates absolutely red-line at 480Mbps - it gets no faster!  So what can it hold?  Here's a few examples:

 A Whopping 4000 standard 4MP Photos! 
 Up to 2000 MP3 Songs - That's a TON of music! Up to 800 minutes of MPEG4 Videos - that's over 13.5 hours! Anything and everything else under the sun, in HUGE amounts!

Brought to You by Duracell: A Name You TRUST!

There's nothing more important than trusting the product you're buying.  And that's another great feature here - not only is Corel Office a name-brand office software, the entire package was put together by Duracell!  Yeah, you might know them as the largest and most trusted battery manufacturer in the world!

Accept no substitutes, and expect nothing but the best - this flash drive is a lifetime companion!

Get your hybrid flash drive today - decked out with Corel Office and 8 huge gigs of storage power, the value here is OFF THE CHARTS!  Get yours today for just $21.97 with FREE US SHIPPING INCLUDED!


PS: We were only able to grab 150 of these from our supplier, and they won't last through the afternoon - get yours NOW!

Computers 101
Karen from Australia writes:
How do I stop the cursor from flashing after I have finished a letter/document in Microsoft Office Word 2007? We did our Christmas Greeting letters recently, and I noticed when I had finished it, and sent it (to myself first to check it), the cursor was still flashing when I opened the attachment.
Good question Karen, and fortunately a pretty simple answer will solve your problem.
The key is in the type of file you send. Don’t send them a Word file – instead send them a PDF file.
Office 2007 has the ability to save files in this format so it’s no more work than usual and it’s a quick and easy way to remove the “flashing cursor” while at the same time delivering your message in a format that most people should be able to view.
Once your file is ready to send use the Office Button Save As choice and select PDF or XPS.
(If you don’t have this choice then you may need to download the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS.)
So it’s save & send – business as usual – just be sure that the save part is in PDF!
~ April
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On The Move
How to Move Android Applications to the SD Card
It’s frustrating how little internal phone memory is available on most Android phones. Fortunately, the memory can be expanded by inserting a microSD card. But, then when you install and download Android applications, they typically get installed in the internal phone memory, and not the micoSD card. This results in slower performance. You can free internal memory by moving the application to the microSD card. In this tip, I show you how to do this. I’ve used the most commonly found version of Android, 2.2,  to illustrate the steps.
Step 1: Access Settings.
There are two ways of accessing Settings. The simplest is to press the menu key on the phone. Typically, it is the left corner key on Android phones. After you press this key, some options appear. Tap Settings.
Access the Settings menu.
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From The Archives
SD Memory Cards Explained
The quick and simple answer: Secure Digital. Utilizing what’s known as nonvolatile memory, a Secure Digital memory card is very much like a small size USB flash drive, in that, just like a flash drive, a SD card will retain its data even without being plugged into a computer, camera, or other device to power it. The “Secure” in Secure Digital comes from the SD cards’ original goal of providing a form of copyright protection for various media types (primarily music and movies) and their copyright holders, directly on the card. This form of copy protection, known as Digital Rights Management (DRM) allows for the use of special codes to be embedded on an SD card, codes which tell the device using the SD card that it’s ok (or not) to access the music, movies, or other data on the SD card. Despite some initial interest by corporate copyright holders in utilizing the DRM provided by SD cards, this form of copy protection never quite took off, leaving SD cards to become very popular as removable storage for devices where DRM is not typically required, such as digital cameras and cell phones.

Over the years, SD cards have become ubiquitous in many markets as the preferred choice for said cameras, cell phones, and many other devices. As such, SD cards are now available in a multitude of styles, with the most common SD cards broken down into the following types:

SD: The original Secure Digital card form factor. Just slightly larger than a postage stamp, SD cards are easy to pop into and out of cameras and into computer readers, but are limited in capacity to just 2 gigabytes; making them good for storage of smaller files such as low resolution photos or text documents. A bonus feature found on the standard SD card: a write protection switch which can be flipped to make your SD card “read only;” preventing accidental deletion or overwhelming of important files, documents, or photos.


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Microstock Photography Dos and Don’ts
Microstock photographs are low-priced and royalty-free. And you can earn a few dollars more by selling your pictures to many stock photo sites online. Many of you might not be professionals, but that shouldn’t mean you don’t have pictures that are sellable. Here are a few dos and don’ts, so you can make the most of the pictures you’ve already taken or are planning to take.
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Amanda's Coolsite
I love Hunch to begin with. They recommend all sorts of cool sites for me to check out and then I end up sharing them with you. So when I learned about Hunch FM – I knew I had to share it with you to. It does the same thing as Hunch (suggests things you’ll like based on your preferences) only for music.
You get started by selecting a genre of music you like, or by typing in an artist/band that you like into the search engine located just above the genre listing. Once you’ve picked a genre it will load a video from it and you’ll have the option to turn experimental mode on or off.
In order to rate songs or save your preferences you’ll need to register. You can login by F-connecting to your Facebook account, or you can login with your Twitter account. If you don’t have accounts at either of those social networking sites, you can click Create Account beneath the login fields.  You’ll need to provide an e-mail address, username, create a password, and then click the red Join Hunch button at the bottom of the form.  You may already have a Hunch account (I did) that you can login with. To do so just click Sign In at the top of the page and then provide your account credentials.
Once you’ve signed in you can rate the songs you watch/listen to with the stars beneath the video.  If you don’t like a song that is played make sure you click the circle with the line through it so that they don’t play it again!
This is a really fun way to explore music based on your preferences and allow you to expand the range of artists and bands that you like. Go check it out today!

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